Three Erroneous Plausibilities Regarding the Nature of Reality

While I am convinced that the true nature of our predicament will be surprising, even baroque, should we learn it, and therefore all speculation is moot, the views in circulation are so terribly wrong I feel compelled to spell out a few more likely scenarios:

One: The progenitor is a gangster god and treats this universe as its private casino in order to experience the upside of duality without the downside.  The denizens of this universe suffer exactly as casino-goers suffer and with a similar elan.

Two: Consciousness is a parasitic virus and is running its course.

Three: Conscious entities have so thoroughly plumbed creative opportunities that they seek increasingly arcane venues for the novelties offered.  Think of our lifetime here as a ten minute trance bought and paid for at a carnival.  You sit drooling in a chair, with plans to hit a multi-dimensional roller coaster afterwards, as your Human life unfolds, decade after decade after decade. When you awake you are handed a napkin for the drool. At least half of those who choose the “ride” softly mutter “fuck” after opening their eyes.


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