Quotes from Skin in the Game: Hidden Asymmetries in Daily Life by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

“Decentralization is based on the simple notion that it is easier to macrobull***t than microbull***t. Decentralization reduces large structural asymmetries.”
“For studying courage in textbooks doesn’t make you any more courageous than eating cow meat makes you bovine. By some mysterious mental mechanism, people fail to realize that the principal thing you can learn from a professor is how to be a professor—and the chief thing you can learn from, say, a life coach or inspirational speaker is how to become a life coach or inspirational speaker. So remember that the heroes of history were not classicists and library rats, those people who live vicariously in their texts. They were people of deeds and had to be endowed with the spirit of risk taking”
“If you do not take risks for your opinion, you are nothing.”
“A saying by the brothers Geoff and Vince Graham summarizes the ludicrousness of scale-free political universalism. I am, at the Fed level, libertarian; at the state level, Republican; at the local level, Democrat; and at the family and friends level, a socialist.”
“Those who talk should do and only those who do should talk.”
“You can tell if a discipline is BS if the degree depends severely on the prestige of the school granting it. I remember when I applied to MBA programs being told that anything outside the top ten or twenty would be a waste of time. On the other hand a degree in mathematics is much less dependent on the school (conditional on being above a certain level, so the heuristic would apply to the difference between top ten and top two thousand schools). The same applies to research papers. In math and physics, a result posted on the repository site arXiv (with a minimum hurdle) is fine. In low-quality fields like academic finance (where papers are usually some form of complicated storytelling), the “prestige” of the journal is the sole criterion.”
“You can define a free person precisely as someone whose fate is not centrally or directly dependent on peer assessment.”
“The only definition of rationality that I’ve found that is practically, empirically, and mathematically rigorous is the following: what is rational is that which allows for survival. Unlike modern theories by psychosophasters, it maps to the classical way of thinking. Anything that hinders one’s survival at an individual, collective, tribal, or general level is, to me, irrational.”
“Things designed by people without skin in the game tend to grow in complication (before their final collapse). There is absolutely no benefit for someone in such a position to propose something simple: when you are rewarded for perception, not results, you need to show sophistication. Anyone who has submitted a “scholarly” paper to a journal knows that you usually raise the odds of acceptance by making it more complicated than necessary. Further, there are side effects for problems that grow nonlinearly with such branching-out complications. Worse: Non-skin-in-the-game people don’t get simplicity.”
“Journalists are currently in the most insecure profession you can find: the majority live hand to mouth, and ostracism by their friends would be terminal. Thus they become easily prone to manipulation by lobbyists, as we saw with GMOs, the Syrian wars, etc. You say something unpopular in that profession about Brexit, GMOs, or Putin, and you become history. This is the opposite of business where me-tooism is penalized.”
“How much you truly “believe” in something can be manifested only through what you are willing to risk for it.”
“The knowledge we get by tinkering, via trial and error, experience, and the workings of time, in other words, contact with the earth, is vastly superior to that obtained through reasoning, something self-serving institutions have been very busy hiding from us.”
“A civil servant can make rules that are friendly to an industry such as banking—and then go off to J.P. Morgan and recoup a multiple of the difference between his or her current salary and the market rate. (Regulators, you may recall, have an incentive to make rules as complex as possible so their expertise can later be hired at a higher price.)”
“Those who use foul language on social networks (such as Twitter) are sending an expensive signal that they are free—and, ironically, competent. You don’t signal competence if you don’t take risks for it—there are few such low-risk strategies. So cursing today is a status symbol, just as oligarchs in Moscow wear blue jeans at special events to signal their power.”
“making some types of errors is the most rational thing to do, when the errors are of little cost, as they lead to discoveries. For instance, most medical “discoveries”are accidental to something else. An error-free world would have no penicillin, no chemotherapy…almost no drugs, and most probably no humans. This is why I have been against the state dictating to us what we “should”be doing: only evolution knows if the “wrong”thing is really wrong, provided there is skin in the game to allow for selection.”
“Thirty-nine percent of Americans will spend a year in the top 5 percent of the income distribution, 56 percent will find themselves in the top 10 percent, and 73 percent will spend a year in the top 20 percent.”
“we have evidence that collectively society doesn’t advance with organized education, rather the reverse: the level of (formal) education in a country is the result of wealth.”
“Administrators everywhere on the planet, in all businesses and pursuits, and at all times in history, have been the plague.”
“The divergence is evident in that journos worry considerably more about the opinion of other journalists than the judgment of their readers. Compare this to a healthy system, say, that of restaurants. As we saw in Chapter 8, restaurant owners worry about the opinion of their customers, not those of other restaurant owners, which keeps them in check and prevents the business from straying collectively away from its interests.”
“Silver Rule (negative golden rule): Do not do to others what you would not like them to do to you. Note the difference from the Golden Rule, as the silver one prevents busybodies from attempting to run your life.”
“Almost every academic you are going to meet is a complete and utter fraud. Scientists don’t do science any more. They do scientism. Economists don’t do economics. They do economism. They just come up with a whole load of ideas they can all agree upon to keep themselves in a job. Architects are the same. If they were crushed to death under a pile of rubble when one of their buildings fell down, they might try harder to design less crap. They all call themselves experts but they are anything but.”
“If you take risks and face your fate with dignity, there is nothing you can do that makes you small; if you don’t take risks, there is nothing you can do that makes you grand, nothing.”
“What we do today has nothing to do with capitalism or socialism. It is a crony type of system that transfers money to the coffers of bureaucrats.”

The Problem with Female and Minority Artists

The problem is not with these artists per se, but rather with a subset of the intelligentsia who are busy with social engineering in the world of art. There is an insistent demand for museum boards, art fairs, award winners and museum contents to reflect the broad demographics of women and minorities in the US and Europe.  While these groups have had great success in music, the visual arts, much like tennis, has favored both bureaucrats and practitioners with disposable income. Whether an impressive degree or simply the time to pursue unremunerative activities, poor people of any ilk are at a considerable disadvantage.  Perhaps more importantly, especially with regard to women, is the lack of ambition to succeed in the Arts, as opposed to crafty lower case art.

The problem is that due to the relatively low number of women and minorities interested in pursuing the Visual Arts (I am addressing museum material) the rising demand for full demographic representation is a disaster.  Think of the difference in the quality of men’s pro basketball versus women’s pro basketball.  I may be 15 years behind in my perception of women’s basketball but we could as easily compare 1920s men’s basketball to the current pro scene.  While current men’s pro basketball attracts fistfuls of dollars, and brings talent here from China and Yugoslavia, as well as stirring the hearts of wannabe six year olds, 1920s men’s basketball and current women’s basketball had/has a much weaker appeal.  The world’s potentially best basketball player from 1920 may well have been trading pork bellies, lumber and coffee in 1920, and the current potentially best woman player may well spend her days selling real estate in Orange County, CA.  My point is that there simply is not sufficient quality among minorities or females with an interest in a bureaucratic or creative positions in the Arts to justify full demographic representation.  I am reminded of a problem the air force had with filling jet fighter positions with women; in order to please the bureaucrats they promoted second rate female fighter pilots whose abilities were below that required of men.  The result was a high death rate and the loss of expensive jets.

The next greatest fighter pilot or world class artist may be a woman or be from Puerto Rico (or both), but that does not mean that the aggregate of women or minorities who wish to be fighter pilots or world class artists are as good as the aggregate of men or European-Americans who wish for the same.

It is common among female politicians and CEOS to have more balls than their male peers.  Such people do not succeed because of their feminine attributes, but rather because of their ability to ape masculine ones, and often because they copy the worst attributes of their male peers.  Likewise, most of the successful female and minority artists succeed by adhering strictly to the mental concepts of the bureaucrats promoting the idea of female and minority art.  Bringing such mental concepts (and its attendant worship of the mind) to art is antithetical to real art, just as a female CEO cut off from her femininity is antithetical to real business.

The worship of ideas automatically divorces the worshiper from reality.  Just so do we arrive at a world, in this case the art world, where all the leaders are exactly the worst ones for the job.

Transferors of Risk

Nassim NIcholsas Taleb has written a book called Skin in the Game. In it he talks about how today’s bureaucrats, politicians and business leaders do not have skin the game. Like the bailed out banks in 2008, these people share in the upside but not the downside. They are transferors of risk. He argues that those who don’t take risks should never be involved in making decisions. Below is a quote:

“This idea of skin in the game is woven into history; historically, all warlords and warmongers were warriors themselves, and, with a few curious exceptions, societies were run by risk takers, not risk transferors.

Prominent people took risks – considerably more risks than ordinary citizens. The Roman emperor Julian the Apostate, about whom much later, died on the battlefield fighting the never-ending war on the Persian frontier – while emperor. One may only speculate about Julius Caesar, Alexander, and Napoleon, owing to the usual legend-building by historians, but here the proof is stark. There is no better historical evidence of an emperor taking a frontline position in battle than a Persian spear lodged in his chest (Julian omitted to wear protective armor). One of his predecessors, Valerian, was captured on the same frontier, and was said to have been used as a human footstool by the Persian Shapur when mounting his horse. And the last Byzantine emperor, Constantine XI Palaecologus, was last seen when he removed his purple toga, then joined Ioannis Dalmatus and his cousin Theophishis Palaeologus to charge the Turkish troops with their swords above their heads, proudly facing certain death. Yet legend has it that Constantine had been offered a deal in the event of a surrender. Such deals are not for the self-respecting kings.

These are not isolated anecdotes. The statistical reasoned in this author is quite convinced: less than a third of Roman emperors died in their beds – and one can argue that given that only few of these died of really old age, had they lived longer, they would have fallen either to a coup or in battle.”

“Some think that freeing ourselves from having warriors at the top means civilization and progress. It does not. Meanwhile:

Bureaucracy is a construction by which a person is conveniently separated from the consequences of his or her actions.”

Progress is an Illusion

Technology once had actual and real benefits. The roof, the shelf, the wheel and fire were beneficial without substantial negative side effects. For some time new technology has focused on making money and benevolent outcomes are no longer the rule. Below are two examples of the fruitlessness of commercially driven tech.

The replacement of the cash register accomplished one simple transaction: the labor of accounting was transferred from the back office to the clerk and the customer. I was in Starbucks recently, ordering a simple tea for $2.45. The clerk punched at least 12 buttons to effect the transaction. This was with the computer working (not always the case) and with an experienced clerk. While a plus for the company, with a lower paid clerk doing the work rather than a higher paid accountant, it is numbing work and a waste of the customer’s time. It works because everyone has transferred the accounting function to the point of sale, so customers have no choice in the matter and have acclimated to the negative tech.

Attorneys are largely devoted to words on paper. One would think that the advent of “word processing” would have reduced the number of hours attorneys, paralegals and secretaries devote to each document, and a substantial lowering of the cost to the client. Yet such as not occurred. A relaxed and sloppy approach to creating documents has resulted in endless revisions. The time and cost savings haven’t materialized. In addition, despite word processing being the screwdriver of technologies, where one would expect a standard method would make it a one-time learning event, typist have had to contend with a seemingly endless parade of new products (remember Workperfect?) and upgrades. Imagine the screwdriver you bought in 1988 suddenly stops works.

Other technologies look better on the surface, but that is because the negative outcomes are so hidden and complex that they cannot be easily ferreted out. Technology for financial gain plays on people’s penchant for novelty and their fear of being left out. It is a pernicious and likely fatal ploy. As in all things in duality, we activate two polarities with our every action. As long as corporations and customers ignore this, unintended consequences will dominate.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

From his blog:

What do I mean by Skin in the Game? My Own Version

When selecting a surgeon for your next brain procedure, should you pick a surgeon who looks like a butcher or one who looks like a surgeon? The logic of skin in the game implies you need to select the one who (while credentialed) looks the least like what you would expect from a surgeon, or, rather, the Hollywood version of a surgeon.

The same logic mysteriously answers many vital questions, such as 1) the difference between rationality and rationalization, 2) that between virtue and virtue signaling, 3) the nature of honor and sacrifice, 4) Religion and signaling (why the pope is functionally atheist) 5) the justification for economic inequality that doesn’t arise from rent seeking, 6) why to never tell people your forecasts (only discuss publicly what you own in your portfolio) and, 7) even, how and from whom to buy your next car.

What is Skin in the Game? The phrase is often mistaken for one-sided incentives: the promise of a bonus will make someone work harder for you. For the central attribute is symmetry: the balancing of incentives and disincentives, people should also penalized if something for which they are responsible goes wrong and hurts others: he or she who wants a share of the benefits needs to also share some of the risks.

My argument is that there is a more essential aspect: filtering and the facilitation of evolution. Skin in the game –as a filter –is the central pillar for the organic functioning of systems, whether humans or natural. Unless consequential decisions are taken by people who pay for the consequences, the world would vulnerable to total systemic collapse. And if you wonder why there is a current riot against a certain class of self-congratulatory “experts”, skin the game will provide a clear answer: the public has viscerally detected that some “educated” but cosmetic experts have no skin in the game and will never learn from their mistakes, whether individually or, more dangerously, collectively.

Have you wondered why, on high-speed highways there are surprisingly few rogue drivers who could, with a simple manoeuver, kill scores of people? Well, they would also kill themselves and most dangerous drivers are already dead (or with suspended license). Driving is done under the skin in the game constraint, which acts as a filter. It’s a risk management tool by society, ingrained in the ecology of risk sharing in both human and biological systems. The captain who goes down with the ship will no longer have a ship. Bad pilots end up in the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean; risk-blind traders become taxi drivers or surfing instructors (if they traded their own money).

Systems don’t learn because people learn individually –that’s the myth of modernity. Systems learn at the collective level by the mechanism of selection: by eliminating those elements that reduce the fitness of the whole, provided these have skin in the game. Food in New York improves from bankruptcy to bankruptcy, rather than the chefs individual learning curves –compare the food quality in mortal restaurants to that in an immortal governmental cafeteria. And in the absence of the filtering of skin in the game, the mechanisms of evolution fail: if someone else dies in your stead, the built up of asymmetric risks and misfitness will cause the system to eventually blow-up.

Yet the social science and the bureaucrato-BSers have missed and keeps missing that skin in the game is an essential filter. Why? Because, outside of hard science, scholars who do not have skin in the game fail to get that while in academia there is no difference between academia and the real world, in the real world, there is. They teach evolution in the classrooms but, because they are not doers, they don’t believe that evolution applies to them; they almost unanimously vote in favor of a large state and advocate what I’ve called “Soviet-Harvard top-down intelligent design” in social life.

As illustrated by the story of the surgeon, you can tell, from the outside, if a discipline has skills and expertise, from the presence of the pressures of skin in the game and some counterintuitive consequences. But what we call “empty suits”, of the kind you see in think tanks or large corporations –those who want to increasingly run our lives or intervene in Libya — look like actors playing the part, down to their vocabulary and the multiplicative meetings. Talk is cheap and people who talk and don’t do are easily detectable by the public because they are too good at talking.

Plumbers, bakers, engineers, and piano tuners are judged by their clients, doctors by their patients (and malpractice insurers), and small town mayors by their constituents. The works of mathematicians, physicists, and hard scientists are judged according to rigorous and unambiguous principles. These are experts, plus or minus a margin of error. Such selection pressures from skin in the game apply to perhaps 99% of the population. But it is hard to tell if macroeconomists, behavioral economists, psychologists, political “scientists” and commentators, and think-tank policymakers are experts. Bureaucrato-academics tend to be judged by other bureaucrats and academics, not by the selection pressure of reality. This judgment by peers only, not survival, can lead to the pestilence of academic citation rings. The incentive is to be published on the right topic in the right journals, with well sounding arguments, under easily some contrived empiricism, in order to beat the metrics.

Accountants, not other “peer” forecasters, nor referees using metrics should be judging forecasters.

Metrics are always always gamed: a politician can load the system with debt to “improve growth and GDP”, and let his successor deal with the delayed results.

Alas, you can detect the degradation of the aesthetics of buildings when architects are judged by other architects. So the current rebellion against bureaucrats whether in DC or Brussels simply comes from the public detection of a simple principle: the more micro the more visible one’s skills. To use the language of complexity theory, expertise is scale dependent. And, ironically, the more complex the world becomes, the more the role of macro-deciders “empty suits” with disproportionate impact should be reduced: we should decentralize (so actions are taken locally and visibly), not centralize as we have been doing.

In addition, owning one’s risk was an unescapable moral code for past four millennia, until very recent times. War mongers were required to be warriors. Fewer than a third of Roman emperors died in their bed (assuming those weren’t skillfully poisoned). Status came with increased exposure to risk: Alexander, Hannibal, Scipio, and Napoleon were not only first in battle, but derived their authority from a disproportionate exhibition of courage in previous campaigns. Courage is the only virtue that can’t be faked (or gamed like metrics). Lords and knights were individuals who traded their courage for status, as their social contract was an obligation to protect those who granted them their status. This primacy of the risk-taker, whether warrior (or, critically, merchant), prevailed almost all the time in almost every human civilization; exceptions, such as Pharaonic Egypt or Ming China, in which the bureaucrat-scholar moved to the top of the pecking order were followed by collapse.

A Quote About the News

The goal of news isn’t to keep you informed. It’s to entertain and outrage. That’s what the incentive structure underlying the modern media system is built on. If our outlets were actually reporting the events of the world as they are, 90 out of 100 days would be so mundane that you would never want to hear from them again. – Zat Rana

Bio-Spiritual Harvesting

Below is an excerpt from Lisa Renee’s newsletter. The full article can be found here: https://energeticsynthesis.com/resource-tools/news-shift-timelines/3274-bio-spiritual-harvesting

What happens on the earth surface through organ harvesting and transplantation is only a small sliver of activity that mirrors what is occurring in underground bases and off planet. The mad scientific experiments from the times of Atlantis that mix and match interspecies DNA, many times with monstrous results, and without considering the painful impact perpetrated upon the consciousness bodies.

When we better understand the NAA bio-spiritual harvesting agenda that spiritually abuses human beings in order to increase the torment of the people on this earth, it is obvious that these practices are not only violating laws of nature, but violating the spiritual constitution of all human beings. Now let’s look at the spiritual factors and the unseen consequences that are generated from these harmful practices that demonstrate the violation of natural laws.

Spiritual Abuse in Organ and Tissue Donation

Every human being has a unique combination of spiritual forces and physical forces that make up the entire constitution of that person, and this information is enmeshed within their cellular material, it is recorded in every part of their body. The physical tissues are imbued with the intelligence of the soul that has spiritual imprints that are unique to that individual.

If you cut out an organ and transplant that tissue into another body, the soul and spiritual imprints carried in the transplanted tissues are now enmeshed in the body of another unique individual soul. The physical and spiritual layers of the donor and the transplant recipient are now forever entwined in all of the energetic consequences of the actions that have happened behind the event, and within all people involved.

If the organ was received from an unwilling donor, or they were potentially murdered for their organs, the incredible pain and destructive elements will be carried forth in both the soul of the donor and in the physical body of the recipient. The impacts to all involved are incredibly destructive, especially when the transplants take place without any recognition of the soul and consciousness that is involved in the process. In such destructive situations, the transplanted body parts can be used as demonic homes that set up a variety of spiritual attachments, fragments, demonics, and harmful portals in the donated organ itself.

The cellular information in the transplanted tissues will attempt to communicate with the consciousness and the body of the people involved, which can create a host of spiritual problems and breakdown into more physical issues. Every organ has a counterpart organ in which it seeks balance, and in healthy functioning bodies, the parts communicate with each other. Transplanted organs do not have the same birth imprints or unique DNA messaging of the recipient, which can wreak havoc in the internal circuitry of the body, making them even more dependent on the medical system and taking drugs.

It is extremely harmful and even painful for the soul body to feel its physical counterpart being cut open and used for parts, in many cases it generates horrific spiritual trauma to the consciousness. This is especially so when the body is alive and the person is declared brain dead, because the soul has not yet left the body if it’s still alive. If the body remains alive, but the person is brain dead and their organs and parts are harvested, many times they will attach themselves to the recipient’s physical body. They may be in shock as they watched their body be cut up for parts, while they were unable to speak and defend their body. This may in effect change personalities, and create the problem of multiple soul attachments connected to one human body.

The current medical practice of organ transplantation supplied by the human body trade has very serious spiritual consciousness body implications, that overall promote even more diseases and human suffering, from the violation of natural laws.

Spiritual body attachments that get enmeshed to physical bodies with their transplanted organs so they cannot leave the earth plane.

Mismatched body parts that generate spiritual blockages from incompatibilities in the unique arrangement of spiritual forces that make up the spiritual anatomy.

Soul fragmentation as a result of the shock or trauma that is experienced from the destructive elements of the events taking place.

Alteration of birth imprints and blood record that may alter the spiritual purpose for that individual in the physical body they inhabit.

When the blood record changes from the use of transplanting different filtering organs, this has effects on the consciousness development and stations of identity of that person.

Soul binding that occurs from the dark entities that take advantage of the pain and suffering of the people involved, in order to harvest their potential energy.

Satanists are able to procure body parts that are used for a variety of ritual purposes, as they are aware the soul record is recorded in human tissue, and the body part can be bound or harvested for hungry satanic entities.

When we understand more about how our consciousness and physical bodies work in alignment to the principles of the natural laws, then we are more equipped to recognize the violations that are directly related to producing more worldwide suffering, deprivation and disease in all human beings.

Universal Human Body

The human body is a total living energy system that mirrors the microcosm in the macrocosm, which is composed of smaller parts of consciousness systems that reflect the same principles in the laws of structure that are directed throughout the Cosmos by the Universal Laws. Each human being has transcendent value that is sacred in Universal Law, the Law of One, as every person is exceptionally unique in that there will never be another exact consciousness copy.

Each layer of the physical matrices in the human body have an energetic blueprint and consciousness counterpart that is unique to that individual, and which acts as a gateway into the spiritual world. All body parts, organs, glands and physical tissues are intertwined with the consciousness functions of the spiritual anatomy, therefore all of these functioning systems are influenced by birth imprints that govern the metaphysical forces that make up the unique blueprint of each individual.

As there are physical raw materials that are used for building a material structure, there are metaphysical raw materials for building a consciousness body or spiritual structure. Although we cannot see the metaphysical raw materials that make up the spiritual forces that are present in the physical body, these elements are completely enmeshed within every cell in the body.

Every person is a spiritual being composed of a variety of metaphysical raw materials that recombine into a unique arrangement of spiritual forces which gives each person a unique blueprint, as well as a unique nature. The spiritual nature of each person is determined by the metaphysical forces of creation in combination with the architectural blueprint, which are based upon mathematical principles that can be studied through musical and chromatic scale, as well as the study of astronomical events that inform us of the relative positions of celestial objects imprinted at birth.

Astrology is an important science of studying the unique arrangement of the metaphysical forces occurring within the spiritual anatomy, that lost its academic standing as a credible science due to NAA infiltration towards worldwide adoption of the scientific method. The study of the astrological sciences were traditionally considered to be for advanced scholars and were common in academic circles until the 20th century.

Astrology in the current times is labeled a pseudoscience, which is used to discredit its validity and purpose in studying the laws of structure, to keep humanity ignorant of the study of the astronomical patterns, which inform our personality through many different forces of consciousness influences. When we study astrological patterns, we are studying magnetic imprints that are relevant to the function of our bodily layers, we can then determine those patterns that influence our higher or lower spiritual nature, and then decide to make corrections.

Thus, proper use of the science of astrology allows us to better determine if we are accurately living in our true spiritual nature and potential, it informs us of our lessons and challenges, as well as what we came to the earth to resolve and transcend. Without deeper knowledge and awareness of how these astronomical patterns impact us, 3D human consciousness goes on auto-pilot, uninformed of the massive forces and influences to which they are exposed everyday. The spiritual development towards transcendence of these archetypal and celestial forces of polarity in order to return them back into neutrality, becomes even more important during the Ascension Cycle.

Cosmobiology and Medical Astrology

Many of the ancient wisdom teachings understood the mathematical concepts of connecting the Universal Human Body and its correlation to Cosmobiology. The mathematical and astrological correlations were made between the principles in the cosmos and its relevance to organic life forms, as well as the necessity to study the effects of these cosmic forces, and the stellar movements and astronomical conjunctions that impact the world of forces on the earth.

The Pythagorean Mystery Schools taught that the solar system is one massive musical instrument, and that the twelve signs of the zodiac may be compared to the semitones of the chromatic scale. The chromatic scale is a musical scale with twelve pitches or frequency tones, each a half tone above or below the tone next to it. This same structure also represents the architecture that exists within the dimensional scale of the holographic reality.

The twelve planets constitute the white keys of the cosmic musical key board. Each constellation is an intelligent consciousness body that transmits spectrums of color wave frequency and mathematical coded patterns connected to building metaphysical structures into form. Each constellation represents an astrological sign that responds to a certain frequency tone and color wave.

Some of these frequency tones blend together and are harmonious, while others clash into discordance and distortion. As we can sense the disharmony and conflict made between certain notes of a piano, or feel the distortions running in mainstream music, this impact has the same effects within these metaphysical forces. There are similar themes of harmony or discordance that transpire between the alchemy of forces that occurs within the various constellations of the zodiac, the twelve planets and various celestial bodies that have a great effect on human beings. These instruction sets are inherently recorded in the spiritual blueprint and design of every human being on the earth.

When incarnated into a physical human form, we evolve through the stages of the Precession of the Equinoxes, and this progression takes us through the all twelve layers of archetypal forces that hold instruction sets for the Universal Human Body structure, as well as levels of DNA transmission.

As the Sun moves through each constellation, we receive frequency exchanges of intelligent instruction sets that are designed for the human body to evolve towards increasing DNA activation and spiritual ascension, which are alchemical forces being transmitted into the earth field. When astrological alignments occur through major conjunctions made between planetary and stellar bodies, forces of alchemy occur which alter frequency current and manifest new creations that help to expand consciousness, at planetary and personal levels. With the war over consciousness, humanity is undergoing psychological operations to prevent them from actually participating or being aware that these stellar forces are being transmitted to the earth for purposes of bio-spiritual evolution.

Mystery schools developed the field of iatromathematics, or medical astrology, and viewed the entire matrix of the human body through astronomical and astrological principles, as well as the bio-mechanics. The twelve astrological signs contribute a specific law of structure that is incorporated within each part of the human body from head to toe, inside and outside. Moreover, planets and the existing cosmos in space are directly correlated with certain parts of the body that are designed to overall unify the layers of consciousness structures.

Through examining a natal chart, iatromathematicians studied the patterns of the birth imprint as the star (soul) body, and were able to study the various combinations of energetic forces and how these forces impacted the human body and consciousness. By observing the behavior profile that would show general tendencies in constitution and disposition, they would become aware of the specific patterns in that individual, to help guide them towards aligning with their highest nature and achieve the state of health and wellbeing. Each of us can study our own astrological patterns in order to gain knowledge about the internal workings of the self.

Medical astrology reflects the law of principle in each of the twelve constellations that has association with maintaining the structure within the parts of the human body. From the Guardian perspective, the Galactic Zodiac includes another important constellation called Ophiuchus, which is the missing 13th constellation that acts as the unifier and trine force for all of the other twelve constellations during the Ascension Cycle. Thus, in our model, the constellation forces that are represented are the thirteen signs of the Galactic Zodiac which preside over the parts of the body, covering the body from head (Aries) to toe (Pisces), as follows:

Physiology Correlated to the Galactic Zodiac

Aries -brain, cerebral hemispheres, cranium, eyes, face, upper jaw, internal carotid arteries, thalamus, adrenals.

Taurus – neck, throat, palate, larynx, tonsils, lower jaw, ears, occipital region, cerebellum, atlas, axis, external carotid arteries, jugular veins, pharynx, thyroid gland, cervical vertebrae.

Gemini – shoulders, arms, hands, upper ribs, lungs, trachea, bronchi, capillaries, breath, oxygenation of blood.

Cancer– stomach, esophagus, diaphragm, breasts, nipples, lacteals, upper lobes of liver, thoracic duct, pancreas, serum of blood, peristalsis of the stomach, gastric fluids, pituitary.

Leo – heart, dorsal region of spine, spinal cord, aorta, superior and inferior vena cava, thymus.

Virgo -abdominal region, large and small intestines, lower lobe of liver, spleen, duodenum, thymus secretions, peristalsis of the bowels, pancreas.

Libra – kidneys, adrenals, lumbar region, skin, ureters, vasomotor system, medulla, ovaries.

Scorpio – bladder, urethra, genitals, descending colon, prostate gland, testes, sigmoid colon, nasal bone, pubic bone, red coloring matter in blood.

Ophiuchus – fetal cells, tailbone, cranial sacral axis, solar sacrum, kundalini, amrita, lyden gland, base of brain (golden chalice), lunar to solar transfiguration.

Sagittarius – hips, thighs, femur, ileum, coccygeal vertebrae, sacral region, sciatic nerves, pelvic ischium.

Capricorn – skin, hair, knees, joints, skeletal system.

Aquarius – ankles, lower limbs, circulatory system.

Pisces – feet, toes, lymphatic system, adipose tissue, fibrin in blood, pancreas.

body parts

The human bodily form represents the movement that is made through the precession of equinoxes, with each astronomical and astrological principle having direct relevance to our physical and spiritual anatomy. When we remove or transplant body parts, we are removing imprints and specific principles in our bodily structure that alter and change consciousness influences, which have consequences to our spiritual development. Not to mention the potential issues in overall biological functioning, such as internal circuitry disconnection between transplanted organ systems that can block integrative and holistic healing for the body, mind and spirit.

Ophiuchus is the Trine Unifier

In addition with the Ophiuchus transmissions, the divine fire water element acts as the trine and unifier between each of the squares in the combinations of four constellation groupings that make up the cardinal signs, fixed signs and mutable signs. In the previous cycles, the spiritual blueprint of humanity included many squares and oppositions in the birth imprint from certain planetary or constellation conjunctions that generated disharmony, discordance and distress.

These oppositional forces placed limitations upon the spirit, and resulted in a variety of spiritual oppressions, miasmatic patterns and karmic burdens. It is similar to say that squares, oppositions and limitations that are recorded in the geometries of the spiritual blueprint can be understood in the birth chart, and are the result of the consequences of actions, unlearned lessons, spiritual purpose and the debts of destiny that have been carried throughout multiple lifetimes.

The earth body also has its own blueprint that is made up from the collective consciousness records of humanity, so when incarnating into a timeline on the earth, we are also imprinted with the karmic burdens of the collective consciousness imprint at the time of incarnation.

It is also accurate to say that the NAA had control over aspects of the twelve constellation transmissions, which had resulted in more extreme negative polarities in the world of forces, in order to achieve their intended objective of control over matter forms. They intended to radically increase black subtle forces by filtering negative polarity aspects of the constellation archetypes, in order to influence humanity into the negative polarity and to use planetary dark matter for running AI machinery.

An example is to observe the negative polarity accumulation in the Libran constellation principles in the masses, which represent energetic balance in the world of forces, and to observe when destroying energetic balance through violating the natural laws, rampant disease is generated. Libra rules the kidneys, and when we see the rate of kidney disease exploding on the earth, this imbalance of the scales can be considered a potential factor.

These discordant frequencies in the birth imprint can be described as the vicious circle, the challenging oppositional patterns that bring intense conflicts between the personality and the higher self. In 2013 we began the Ophiuchus transmissions, which are to be simply understood as the flow of harmony and divine grace towards humankind during the ascension cycle. This allows for many releases in the intense squares of opposition recorded in the original birth blueprint and helps to restore the karmic pattern back into a more gentle flow of harmonious and aligned frequencies.

Ophiuchus transmissions can be consciously participated with during each cycle to help release oppositional magnetic imprints in the birth chart, although it will happen naturally when you surrender to the process. The last cycle of Ophiuchus transmissions had themes of releasing and clearing harmful blood covenants in the intergenerational binding of the family of origin lineages.

There are three primary activation areas in the body that act as the unifier of all chakra centers and body parts, first the tailbone and sacral area, second the higher heart complex and the third is the center of the brain and sphenoid. The divine water fire of Ophiuchus transmissions are designed to better harmonize the elements present in the body, through the release and clearing of discordant patterns of opposition back into the trine field, unity or what’s called the peacemaker pattern.

Recently, some waves of ascending people underwent changes in the transduction sequence links that were defined in their original birth pattern on earth to clear blood covenant records. This elevation out of 3D incarnated karmic birth patterns during the bifurcation, has been a result supported by the trine unifier of the Ophiuchus transmissions reaching a critical mass last December.

In considering this month’s newsletter, please remember to apply common sense and non-judgment towards any human being that has been put in the position of organ transplantation or being cajoled into becoming an organ donor.  We live in times of great deception and falsity, in a controlled system of inversion, where storefronts like the medical system are massively profitable businesses which are actually acting out the opposite of what they represent themselves to be.

This theme has been offered for deeper education for developing clarity about the Universal Human Body, the reality of the spiritual anatomy and to deeply think about the nature of the reality we find ourselves in today. The issues we have on earth are extremely complex, and they won’t be solved overnight.

The first step is understanding the many ways that our society is violating the laws of nature, right under our noses, so we can see how we may be contributing to these violations without our awareness or consent. When we are informed and aware about what we are facing on earth, we automatically have the personal power of choice and consent, which allow us to return back to align with the natural laws.

Please only take what is useful for your spiritual growth and discard all the rest. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a truth seeker. I am God, Sovereign, Free!

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa

The Sweet Spots of the 2000s

The 1900s were a century of extremes. It was also a masculine decade (1900 = 1). Examples of this include nuclear bombs, LSD, abnormal psychology, world wars, computers and successful manipulations by the cyrptocracy. As with all cycles (presidential, climate, war), an adjacent century such as the 2000s will exhibit opposite characteristics.* First of all, it is a feminine century (2000 = 2). Secondly, it is about the sweet spots hidden in plain sight, far from the extremes that were manifested in the 1900s. I say this not because of a plethora of signals in these first eighteen years of the 2000s, but because I have sensed it for some time and the rule of cycles suggests it to be true. The feminine aspect will likely exhibit itself more profoundly by the year 2022, which is rich in twos.

What do I mean by sweet spots? My favorite physical example is the Trojan points. These are the locations between Earth and Moon that have the unique and valuable characteristic that anything placed at these points, whether a walnut or a factory, will remain at that location indefinitely.  In other words, no energy is required to keep the object from falling into either the Earth or the Moon or any other direction. This is a valuable characteristic; it is the non-Terra version of holding the high ground. As of yet, no one and no nation has laid claim to these points, but in this century they will. It is a sweet spot, hiding in plain sight. I do not doubt that cheap, uncentralized energy will be uncovered in this century, and likely a host of other valuable and surprisingly easy opportunities. “Why didn’t I think of that?” will be on everyone’s lips.

The message of these opportunities comes from outside this universe, and in most instances only a minority of people have the antennae necessary to pick them up. Many are already capturing these thoughts and many sweet spots are already under investigation.

One symptom of the sweet spots, and perhaps even a valuable lynchpin, is the dethroning of the mind. As long as the mind has primacy, the “how” of everything will be center-stage. How to avoid taxes, how to win the presidency and how to make a million dollars all rest on the cleverness of the mind. The Human mind, however, pales in power next to Human intentions and emotions. The mind is capable of much, but it is both a quagmire and a ghetto; once trapped there a great many options disappear, including the sweet spots I am talking about.

The HBO show Curb Your Enthusiasm has plugged into a sweet spot. Lauded comedy tv show writer and now actor, Larry David, has completely abandoned written dialogue for his popular show. The raw emotions and interesting tendency for real people to talk on top of each other appear on this comedy show where the writer gives direction but leaves the actual dialogue in the mouths of the actors. Writing a scene where two people speak at once is difficult in itself, and even more difficult to execute in a satisfactory manner. By offering an intention for the scene and being open to the interpretations of the actors, David has moved television into a sweet spot that in time others will pursue.

At its core the dethroning of the mind involves two opposite poles of a polarity. The most relevant is this intention/openness polarity. Duality demands that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. When we create with full polarities in mind we tap higher order energies. Whether it’s the creative response of an actor to freedom from the written word, or simply the arrival of serendipity and synchronicity, this approach naturally gravitates to the sweet spots of any situation.

With the full throttle control of any “how” we assert our cleverness. In abdicating the how of any situation in favor of intentional openness we assert our wisdom. The 1900s were about extremes because that is where cleverness takes us. The 2000s are about sweet spots hiding in plain sight because that is where wisdom leads. The latter is a matter of dancing with nature and the universe with a sense of play. The former is all about control and is akin to raping nature and the universe. The two different outcomes (think Monsanto)  are exactly what you would expect.

*I am particularly intrigued by the cycle of Bush to Obama to Trump. The Bush/Obama polarity is classic good cop/bad cop. Bush illegally searches our car and then whacks us in the head with a telephone directory. Obama shows up with a smile and a Coke (and a lie on his lips). The Obama/Trump polarity is entirely different. Here we have the very good fake, Obama (think how much better he looks and sounds versus the very bad fake Hillary), followed by the very real, but bad real, Trump. Once again I associate Obama with a can of Coke; it’s a fake food, but oh how we love it. Trump, on the other hand, is real, but he’s the real of halitosis and neurosis. These two polarities, Bush/Obama and Obama/Trump, make we wonder about future plans for Obama. If you wear glasses you know well the experience of the optician having you look through different lenses. He is continually asking you, A or B? C or D? as he narrows down to a proper prescription for our eyes. It’s notable that Obama is favored in each of the polarities. No one wants to be facing a cop in an interrogation room, and no one likes a fake person, but given the options offered most will choose Obama the “good” cop and fake. Everyone knows that Coke is bad for them, but how many still indulge in this comfort food? Just so does social engineering proceed in its clever fashion.